Discover how to reach the end of your teacher to-do list without sacrificing your evenings and weekends.

Get our proven method for finding balance in the classroom, reclaiming your time and reigniting your passion for teaching.

Reclaim your time and create balance within your life.

To the tired teacher whose burnout has them questioning their passion for the classroom... we've been there.

  • No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to reach the bottom of your to-do list.

    Even on your most productive day, it seems as though for every one thing you cross off your list, there are three more things to add.

  • You're aware that you're pouring too much of yourself into teaching and you need to find balance.

    You dream of being a great teacher while also having the time to do the things that are important to you.

  • You're approaching burnout because you don't have a system for getting it all done.

    You know that burnout is a huge problem in education and you're worried that you are on that path but you don't know what to do about it.

Teaching doesn't have to be the fast-pass to burnout...

If you're like most teachers looking to balance their personal and professional life to make teaching more sustainable then you probably feel overwhelmed and maybe even a bit frazzled. You might be wondering how much longer you can do this... 🌀

Most people think this is just part of the job. That being a great teacher means you need to "do it all" and deal with the constant overwhelm. 

The truth is, that's not the case. To create space for the balance you crave, you need a system and strategy for tackling teacher tasks.

If you continue to push your way through this without making changes, you run the risk of burning out.

The reality in our modern day education system is an imperfect one. And more times than not, we as educators feel overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated.  

What if you could approach teaching with joy and confidence again? And really, truly feel it?

  • Imagine you could feel completely confident in your schedule each day.

  • Reclaim the joy you used to feel toward teaching?

  • Enjoy your evenings and weekends off, without stressing about school.

But no one can do this for you.

Finding the path to ease means you have to take ownership and set up systems for success. So, that's where we come in!


The Balanced Teacher Method

A mini-course with tools and resources to help you get organized, learn techniques for time management, and create systems for planning so that you can make space in your schedule to rediscover you again.

Fall in Love With Teaching Again ♡

The Balanced Teacher Method is a 6 module mini-course that will teach you how to create systems and routines that make teaching feel light again.

  • 6-modules of video training from both of us guiding you through The Balanced Teacher Method framework (approx. 2 hours of video content)

  • A 30 page workbook with actionable planning pages, reflection sheets & sections to note your thoughts

  • Schedule template to design your dream week (digital and printable versions)

  • 7 checklist templates for to-do lists that you can actually finish

Let us show you what's inside... ↯

    1. The Balanced Teacher Method Workbook

    2. Perfect Week Printable Planner Page

    3. Catch-All Task Checklist Templates

    1. 1.1: Introduction

    2. 1.2: Time Audit

    1. 2.1: Values & Mission Statements

    2. 2.2: Time Audit Reflection

    3. 2.3: Honour Your Energy

    1. 3.1: Understanding our Time Audit

    2. 3.2: The Ultimate To-Do Lists

    3. 3.3: Time Batching

    4. 3.4: Creating Your Dream Schedule

    1. 4.1: Planning Overview

    2. 4.2: Year Plans

    3. 4.3: Unit Plans

    4. 4.4: Weekly Plans

    5. 4.5: Quick Win - Project Planning

    6. 4.6: Quick Win - Project Planning Pt. 2

    1. 5.1: What to Assess

    2. 5.2: Projects & Class Tips

    3. 5.3: When to Grade

    4. 5.4: Quick Win: Organizational Tools

    5. 5.5: Application and Follow Through

The Details

  • $47.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

The Balanced Teacher Method will help you get your time back.

 I know what you're thinking, "I could sit down and try to figure this out myself". And honestly, you could DIY your way through finding more balance in your life but that takes time. Something we as teachers, already don't have enough of. 🕑

With The Balanced Teacher Method, you will learn the skills and routines necessary to get your time back in just a couple of hours. 

We know that teachers around the world are struggling with overwhelm and burnout. Because of this, creating this course was so important to us.

When it came to pricing, we also knew that affordability was extremely important to us. The last thing we need is another expense to worry about.

When you join The Balanced Teacher Method you will get instant access to the course platform that includes video trainings, a workbook, and bonus organizational tools for you to use all for a one-time fee of $47.

Hear from one of our members...

  • "The Balanced Teacher Method has opened my eyes to ways to help me use my time more wisely, so that I’m not drowning in work outside of school hours!"

  • “I loved doing the time audit. I understood why it was so necessary. I came to realize how many minutes or even hours I spent wasting my time scrolling on social media and neglecting other parts of my life. I waste time, and then I frantically rush due to the fact I’ve wasted my time."

  • "I also liked the segment about “batching” time. Getting similar tasks done with blocks of time. Like, grading papers while my clothes are drying, or planning for a week while you’re sitting down as opposed to just planning for the next day… I am loving it!”

Our Happiness Guarantee ♥︎

Our goal for this mini-course is to help teachers like you reduce your overwhelm and achieve balance in your life. We are confident that if you work through the modules and apply our lessons, you will see results.

However, if for any reason in the next 30 days you think the course isn’t working for you, please email us at [email protected] and we will set up a personalized strategy call to make sure you achieve the results you desired from the course. 

Let's Recap!

What you'll get inside The Balanced Teacher Method...

  • 6 training modules -- videos with actionable steps that turn your vision for a balanced teacher life into a REALITY.

  • A workbook to house your thoughts, ideas, and plans toward your new balanced life.

  • All the templates you need to plan your dream week schedule and create checklist that actually have an end.

Don't spend another year running on empty.

You can continue to plan and grade your weekends away and contend with your much-too-long to-do lists. You can stay in that place, starting to resent your job because it takes up so much of your personal time. 

You can stay stuck in that frazzled state because that's "just how it is'...

Or you can dive into The Balanced Teacher Method to transform the way you manage your time.


💭A schedule that creates space for the things you want to have time to do.

💭A planning routine that doesn't require planning on the weekends.

💭A grading system that cuts your grading time in half.

💭A way to manage your to-do list so you can see the bottom of it.


  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The video content is just under 2 hours and the course can be completed from start to finish within a couple of days.

  • I'm already overwhelmed. How will I be able to do this?

    While committing to a mini-course may feel like just another thing on your to-do list, your time investment learning The Balanced Teacher Method will help you beat overwhelm forever. We promise that we kept the trainings short, sweet and actionable so you can start living your balanced teacher life right away.

  • Is this geared towards teacher in a specific grade-level?

    This course was created with elementary school teachers in mind. We discuss specific examples and applications that are geared towards Grades 1-8.

  • I've been teaching for a long time, is this for me?

    Yes! If you are an experienced teacher who is still planning on the weekends, drowning in grading and searching for a better way to get it all done, then The Balanced Teacher Method is for you.

  • I am new to teaching. Is this right for me?

    Absolutely! We wish we would have had The Balanced Teacher Method when we started as first year teachers. This mini-course will help you develop the foundation for not only having balance in your life but also feeling successful in your classroom.

  • Will I have lifetime access to the training?

    Yes! The video lessons and resources included are yours to access whenever needed.